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The Nulok Roofing System offers a straightforward, efficient method of installing Natural Slate, Nulok Solar Inserts and Ceramic Tiles. This incredibly robust system incorporates Zincalume Battens spaced at 307mm. Locked in place between the battens are Nulok Link Channels, each possessing a stainless steel clip used for securing the leading edge of each slate. This Link Channel eliminates the need for side double-lapping of slates because water passing through the slate is routed by the Link Channel onto the surface of the slate below.

The 3 easy steps Process

Firstly patented Zincalume Battens are fixed to the rafters in the conventional way replacing traditional timber battens.

Then specially designed Link Channels are snap fitted to the battens to form an interlocking grid system.

And finally Ceramic Tiles, Natural Slate and Solar Panels are slotted into place and held by special stainless steel clips.

About Nulok Roofing

With over 25 years of roofing experience we clearly see the Nulok Roofing System as the future in roofing and over the past 10 years we have enjoyed nothing more than seeing the joy on our client's faces when they see the finished product and know that their investment has been well worth while. Not only that but 10 years on when we speak to some of our first clients it is great to hear that they still take great joy and pride in their Nulok roof. We are a service based company and we pride ourselves in providing a very high standard of service along with top quality products from beginning to end ensuring that our customers receive exactly what we promised them every time.

We are also very excited with the development of our latest products, our Seamless Pv Solar & Hot water panels. These panels have been developed to meet the demand of our clients for a Solar panel that not only meets their needs but also complements their Nulok roof. After over 2 years of development and testing we are very pleased to announce that our PV Panels are now fully certified and available for use in Ireland and the UK. It is a great product and one that our customers are taking advantage of with many of them now adding solar to their Nulok roofs.

We hope that you too can see the value we offer as a Company and the quality of our amazing products. We look forward to providing you with a truly wonderful roofing experience so please call us now on 03301234440 and see if we have the right roofing solution for you.