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Nulok Solar Tiles – Sleek and Efficient

One of the latest innovations in the world of solar energy is Nulok Solar Tiles, which are designed to provide a sleek and efficient way to generate electricity from the sun. These solar tiles are manufactured using advanced technology that allows them to be seamlessly integrated into a roof, providing a clean and modern aesthetic. […]

Modular Construction Techniques

As the construction industry continues to evolve, we’re seeing more and more builders turning to modular construction techniques as a way to streamline their processes and build more efficiently. And now, thanks to Modnet Homes, small and medium-sized builders have access to a one-stop solution for modular house building. But modular construction isn’t just about […]

How to choose the right solar tiles for your home

When choosing solar tiles for your home, there are a few important factors to consider. Here are some tips to help you choose the right solar tiles for your home: Determine your energy needs: The first step in choosing the right solar tiles is to determine your energy needs. This will help you to determine […]

The top 5 benefits of solar tiles

Solar tiles, also known as photovoltaic tiles, are a type of solar panel that can be used to generate electricity from the sun’s rays. These tiles are designed to blend in with the roof of a building, providing a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional solar panels. In the UK, the top five benefits of […]

Why solar tiles are the future of roofing

As a leading supplier of roofing systems and solar tiles across the UK, Europe, Australia, and America, Nulok is at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution. And one of our most popular products is our range of solar tiles – innovative roofing materials that generate clean, sustainable electricity for your home or business. But […]

Nulok added to the Wates Innovation Network (WIN) Portal.

After months of conversations and pitching, Nulok are proud to have been shortlisted from around 200 applicants and added to the Wates Innovation Network (WIN) Portal. The WIN portal has been launched after the Group announced its five-year strategy to help reduce the industry’s environmental impact, supporting the Government’s target of net zero buildings, and […]

Nulok Roofing System

Could the Nulok Roofing System play a major part in residential housing? The Nulok Roofing System has been about for almost 20 years. Originally starting in Australia, the system quickly became the natural roofing choice down under for several reasons. FAST INSTALLATION TIMES. Due to the way our system is designed, it speeds up installation […]

A Shift in Construction Trends

It’s 2020, we have all been in Lockdown for nearly four months which has given us all time to reflect on the impact that we all have on the planet. With the Construction sector set to play a vital role within the economic recovery in the UK the Prime Minister Boris Johnson has firmly set […]

21st Century Roofing

How do you see the future of new builds? We all have more time on our hands than we are used to, so i thought i would write this article as i have added a lot of new connections recently who i feel may be interested in what we have to offer. There is such […]