2022 is going to be a fantastic year for solar energy

2022 is now upon us. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were in 2019, but the last 18-24 months have really flown by. If you work in the construction industry, or in the renewable energy sector, you will have followed the future housing standards Part L regulations quite closely, to see what this will mean for you and your business.

From July 2022, there will be a major uplift in the efficiency of new builds across England. The focus will be on a fabric first approach, and then met with renewable energy sources like solar tiles and wind turbines. Whilst we can’t help you with wind, we can certainly help you with all things solar related.

So, let’s get down to it……

Solar is now the cheapest way to generate electricity. Let’s look at this logically! We all know that the sun will rise tomorrow, don’t we? So, it only makes sense that we take advantage of this known fact, and harness it where possible. Surely this makes sense to you!

Something else that we can agree on is that every property needs a roof! Yes? Great! That’s 2 for 2 that we are on the same page with. Surely, it would then make sense to look that this as a developer and conclude that it just makes sense to either install solar tiles in the roof at the time of construction, or at least leave it where the roof is solar ready for the homeowner to be able to do this, without compromising the aesthetics or roof weight in the future.

This is where the fully patented Nulok roofing system comes into play. There are many benefits to what we offer, and I think that it’s important that we go through these, as it will make your decision more of a no brainer.

Firstly, putting solar panels on top of your slate or tiled roof just doesn’t make any sense anymore. Why cover the same areas twice? This is a waste of a tradesman’s time and a major waste of materials. It also looks terrible and stands out like a sore thumb! Don’t get me wrong, the solar panels will still generate electricity and reduce your carbon footprint, but there are now better ways to achieve this. Just look at the picture below. Which would you prefer?

Nulok Roofing System

Could the Nulok Roofing System play a major part in residential housing?

The Nulok Roofing System has been about for almost 20 years. Originally starting in Australia, the system quickly became the natural roofing choice down under for several reasons.

  • FAST INSTALLATION TIMES. Due to the way our system is designed, it speeds up installation time by up to 50% This in turn helps keep labour costs lower than using the traditional Roofing installation methods.
  • LESS MATERIALS REQUIRED. Our system is made up of 3 key components. They are our Zincalume Battens. There are several key pros to using these such as there is no risk of rot or warping. Our Link channels are specially designed to act as an aid to catch rain water so it doesn’t penetrate the roof itself but it also means there is no need to overlap the tiles/slate side by side which means you use less tiles/slates per square metre than you would using traditional methods. And thirdly we have our Stainless steel clips which hold the tiles/slates in place so there are no need for nails.
  • CATEGORY ONE CYCLONE TEST. Our system has also been category one cyclone wind tunnel tested which is vital in today’s ever changing climate.
  • INTERLOCKING SOLAR PANELS. Our interlocking Solar Panels are something that really set us apart from other roofing system manufacturers. Its 2019, you’re a housing developer and know that its only a matter of time before there is an even bigger push for the use of Solar. Using the Nulok System you can add solar at anytime to your property. This is interlocked INTO the roof rather than on top of it. You can see just how nice it looks in the picture below.

There is also the matter of having a lack of available skilled roofers to meet the project deadlines for a lot of housing developments. If you can measure 307mm then you can fit the Nulok System. Just look at some of our videos to see how straight forward it really is. https://nulokroofing.com/uk/videos/

The demand for affordable housing is at a serious level now across the UK & Ireland and i truly believe that you should be taking a look at our system and seriously considering the benefits that come along with it. We are also working in partnership with Kingspan UK & Ireland which is a fantastic boost to both companies as we both know the benefits that each bring to the table. We have also partnered up with Rathscheck out in Germany and we are currently in talks with several other companies across the globe to help distribute our system as the demand for our fast installed and future-proof roof continues to grow.

We are very keen to hear from any and all developers who want to know more about the system.

Our UK office number is 03301234440

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A Shift in Construction Trends

It’s 2020, we have all been in Lockdown for nearly four months which has given us all time to reflect on the impact that we all have on the planet. With the Construction sector set to play a vital role within the economic recovery in the UK the Prime Minister Boris Johnson has firmly set his sights on building Britain back Better, Greener and Faster.

He has outlined his ambitious plans during a visit to Dudley College of Technology in the West Midlands and the full article can be seen here. The changes are due to come into effect in September. Chancellor Rishi Sunak is expected to announce details of the first phase of the recovery next week.

He made some big statements as he sets his sights on building homes, fixing the NHS, tackle the skills crisis and basically level up as a country. He mentions to that end that we need to Build Build Build at the pace that this participial moment in time needs.

There are big changes that need to be made in order to get to where he wants to be and i fully support his enthusiasm around building back Better, Greener and Faster.

This also comes as The Central Housing Investment Consortium (CHIC) has begun the search for modular firms to build volumetric homes across England and Wales as part of a £2bn framework which will vastly improve the UK’s chances of meeting their home building targets.

We are all responsible in doing our part when it comes to helping the UK get back on its feet in and its important that in doing so we use methods that will keep us on target for not only volume of homes, but also keeping focus on our Zero Carbon goals.

In order to meet these ambitious targets we need to be willing to do the right thing rather than the cheapest thing. Home builders the UK are adapting and changing all the time with their construction materials, but one thing that stays consistent a lot of the time is roofing materials. Most commonly used would be Concrete tiles, especially within affordable homes. Concrete roof tiles were a popular choice on many new homes in the mid-twentieth century. They were quick to make and relatively cheap, both important factors for the post-war housing boom. Nowadays, however, there are new products on the market that make more long-term business and environmental sense.

The Nulok Roofing System has been designed to reduce the amount of roofing material by up to 50%, speed the installation by up to 40% and also encourages the use of Integrated Solar Tiles. What benefits would the Nulok System have for you as a Small, Medium or Large Scale Home-Builder? Below is a short video that will give you a little information on benefits of the Nulok System and Ceramic Tile.

Like i mentioned at the start of this article there has been a major shift towards Modular homes which is fantastic to see. I hope when this framework kicks off they will address everything combined rather than just certain parts of the problem. An example would be going to the Mechanic and them telling you that you need new brake pads and also new disks but only getting one done. The other problem is still going to be there and won’t go away just because you simply ignore it. I honestly feel that this won’t be a problem as there is now such a movement globally to face the climate issues and housing shortage head on, and i for one look forward to seeing how we all can work together and lead the way in Modernizing the construction industry.

Like most of you reading this we want to be a part of the solution and not the problem and in writing these articles i feel happy knowing that our systems capabilities will help do just that. If you would like more information on how the Nulok system can help your long-term business goals then please reach out to me and i will send you our PowerPoint which you can go through in your own time.

Thanks for reading.

Matthew Ralston

21st Century Roofing

How do you see the future of new builds?

We all have more time on our hands than we are used to, so i thought i would write this article as i have added a lot of new connections recently who i feel may be interested in what we have to offer.

There is such a high demand for new homes to be built faster and more energy efficient than ever. This doesn’t just go for here in the UK. It is the same story across the globe.

Historically there was a lack of interest in renewable energy due to the cost which is always a major factor in any construction projects. Over the last number of years Solar & Storage prices have dropped considerably which has lead to an increase of major developers now being able to justify the small additional increase in costs for the overall build.

Even just today it was in the news to say that Britain is about to pass a significant landmark – at midnight on Wednesday it will have gone two full months without burning coal to generate power https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-52973089

This is opening more opportunities for companies like Nulok to establish & build long-lasting business relationships with companies who see the benefits of using renewable energy to help meet their individual targets, whilst doing their bit in the fight against climate change.

Solar has been used on Residential and Commercial properties for years which is great, but at the same time there was always a lot of room for improvement when it comes to the aesthetics of these.

The Nulok System offers clients a fully integrated solar roofing option which significantly reduces roof weight, slate/tile requirement and is also very easy to replace should the need to do so arise.

Currently we supply our system globally and have built fantastic business relationships with several major roofing & supply companies across Europe which you can see below.

Over the next 12 months we plan on building new relationships with distributors across Europe to help maximize the potential of as many new home or business premises as possible. Should you want to know more about this then please fill out our contact form here https://nulokroofing.com/uk/contact/

The Nulok System offers a range of benefits to developers from the very start, some of which can be seen in the slide below:

In the UK we are currently working with several developers that used to prefer the traditional methods of roofing installation. Below you can see one of the reviews

We are always wanting to speak to more roofers and developers who want to learn about how our system can benefit their projects but more importantly how they can benefit the home/business owner.

If you took a few minutes out to read this i thank you and would appreciate any feedback that you may have.

Matthew Ralston