Nulok joins the Offsite Alliance

As MMC continues to gain page across the UK, Nulok have now joined the Offsite Alliance alongside major Offsite companies like Modularize, TopHat, Urban Splash, ilke Homes and Procurement specialists LHC.

Formed in 2019 the Offsite Alliance (OA) has brought together a wide collaboration of makers and shakers who have a vast depth of experience all working within the Offsite sector. Through collaboration and action, we will deliver the transformation the Construction industry needs. Driving innovation and change.

Focused on offsite residential, collectively we help to create the beautifully designed sustainable homes and communities that are truly for all.

Many developers are now moving towards offsite construction for many reasons and want robust and sustainable building materials to do so.

Getting to NetZero is going to take more than just energy efficient homes. It’s going to take a complete change in lifestyle for us all, but for us who work within the construction industry, we need to work collaboratively to ensure best practices are being brought to the table as early as possible.

Nulok is ideal for offsite construction as it can be fully installed offsite, requires up to 50% less slate/tiles than traditional, can be installed at speed, and can also have solar tiles fully integrated into the roof profile at the initial stages or at any time in the future. The system is also fully recyclable which is a major plus for the roofing industry.

Many modular homes that are being built for the housing associations which then need to be maintained, so another major benefit of nulok is that a single tile/slate can be replaced in as little as 14 seconds, heavily reducing time working at heights for the roofer, therefor reducing working at height risks.

We are excited to be part of the great work that the OA are doing, and we want to continue to do our part to build more sustainable and energy efficient homes for the future.

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