The Nulok System – 3 Easy Steps Process

Nulok Global New Zealand - Slate and Tiles Roofing

1Firstly patented Zincalume Battens are fixed to the rafters in the conventional way replacing traditional timber battens.

Nulok Global New Zealand - Slate and Tiles Roofing

2Then specially designed Link Channels are snap fitted to the battens to form an interlocking grid system.

Nulok Global New Zealand - Slate and Tiles Roofing

3And finally Ceramic Tiles, Natural Slate and Solar Panels are slotted into place and held by special stainless steel clips.

Nulok System Explanation Video

The Nulok Roofing System offers a straightforward, efficient method of installing Natural Slate, Nulok Solar Inserts and Ceramic Tiles. This incredibly robust system incorporates Zincalume Battens spaced at 307mm. Locked in place between the battens are Nulok Link Channels, each possessing a stainless steel clip used for securing the leading edge of each slate. This Link Channel eliminates the need for side double-lapping of slates because water passing through the slate is routed by the Link Channel onto the surface of the slate below.

Add Nulok Solar to your Roof

Nulok Global New Zealand - Nulok Solar Panels and Solar Inserts

Our new integrated Nulok Solar Inserts generate 10% more power than before and at just $240 sqm – it’s almost half last year’s price!