A Nulok installation uses zincalume battens and channels that lock the slates onto the roof. This means that a Nulok slate roof stays in place, is able to withstand high winds, heavy rains and other severe weather conditions much better than a traditional slate installation. During the severe weather in NSW recently no Nulok roof was damaged.
Nulok solar inserts fit into the roof rather than on top of it, making them virtually invisible from the ground. They generate the same solar power as solar panels that are attached to the roof.
They can only be fitted to a Nulok roof installation either at the same time as the roof installation. Or they can be retrofitted at a later date seamlessly replacing the original Nulok tiles.
Unlike wooden roof fixing methods, the metal zincalume channels and battens used in the Nulok system act as an initial fireproof barrier to embers. They lock the tiles in place making it extremely difficult for the fire to gain access to the internal roof cavity
The Nulok installation system is faster, stronger, lighter, more versatile than old fashioned slate alternatives. Nulok has been used to re-roof Australian homes for over 20 years and carries a 50 year product warranty.
The low number of actual slates used with the Nulok system compared to the old-fashioned triple slate method is the reason a Nulok roof is lighter. This is especially important should retaining the building’s original beams, joists and rafters be a major consideration, especially with a Heritage property for example.
A Nulok slate roof uses less slate, there is less slate wastage, it often takes less time to complete and is easier to install. All of these benefits can add up to a competitive cost per build when compared to the old triple slate installation method.
Not at this time. The Nulok system is designed for slate, ceramic and solar tile installation, which appear to be best for Australian conditions, especially with properties close to the bush.
Yes, the Nulok system and products are available throughout Australia. There are Nulok offices in NSW, VIC, SA, WA and QLD. Fully qualified installation companies are centred in the ACT and NT.
Slate tiles from all over the world - Wales, Spain, USA, Canada are available in a number of shades from black to grey and heather. Ceramic tiles in dark and light grey and now solar inserts and new solar tiles are also included in our range.
The exclusive Nulok system can be used when the roof pitch is as low as 5 degrees up to vertical if required because the tiles are locked in place, unlike other roofing systems the tiles cannot slide or lift off the roof once installed. There are no nails used in the installation of slates and tiles with the Nulok system, which carries a 50year product warranty.
Over the lifetime of a slate roof a certain amount of weathering will occur which is deemed by many to enhance the beauty of the slate. A tiny amount of colour lightening will occur with ceramic tiles but will be imperceptible to the naked eye.
Nulok carries a 50 year product warranty.
Nulok ceramic tiles are essentially self-cleaning where rain and wind tend to remove any debris. If the area has a large number of trees that shed adhesive substances some cleaning may be required. A Nulok service contract is an ideal way to check the roof annually for any debris in gutters on the roof.
Unfortunately the size, weight and contours of concrete tiles preclude them from installation with the Nulok system.