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The unique Nulok installation system is an ideal application for commercial building projects. The high level of flexibility and sustainability offered by the patented fixing system and the benefits of the flush solar panels delivers the ideal solution for many commercial and residential projects in UK.

The Nulok roofing system, for its part, is a unique, technically superior fixing system, which offers extraordinary structural integrity. The Nulok system is suitable for use on residential and commercial projects with roof pitches between 5° & 90° degrees.

“The tile support and installation of the Nulok system guarantees that the construction quality matches the designer’s specification over the lifetime of the building”

Nulok is finding broader application as increasingly more internationally recognised projects and architects discover that the benefits of the patented Nulok system for high end domestic roofing, apply just as well to commercial building projects - in many cases even better.  For commercial projects particularly, it’s not just roofing applications, with Nulok regularly specified as the recommended provider for an innovative and functional siding and or cladding solution. The addition of unique Nulok solar inserts into the roof add to the capacity of a commercial property's self sufficiency without compromising the building's clean roof line.

Furthermore, when you install a Nulok slate roof you are installing a roofing system that carries a 50 year guarantee against product failure.

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