Better Value

nulok better value

A Nulok roof is a more cost efficient choice compared to our competition as the slate used is cut thicker than our competition making it more resilient. The superior Nulok fixing system locks each slate in place protecting the whole roof against severe weather conditions.

Integrated Solar Panels

nulok solar inserts

Nulok is the only roofing system with Nulok Solar Inserts that integrate alongside the tiles making the installation invisible from the ground. This unique system ensures that the roofline remains clean unlike many other solar panels that are attached to the actual roof’s surface.

Fast Installation

nulok fast istallation

Nulok requires less tiles per square metre covered and can be walked on immediately after installation, without tiles cracking under the weight of the tradesmen thanks to the unique locking system. There is often no need for scaffolding as a safety rail is sufficient, this makes the whole installation simpler, faster and safer.

30 Year Warranty

Only Nulok offers a 30 year warranty on your roof, which is a great feature to share with your insurance company and may lead to a possible lower premium for you.


nulok lighter

The Nulok roofing system is lighter than wood based alternatives at only 27kg per sq metre and uses less tiles to complete the roof. This means that the roof itself is lighter, which in turn may have a significantly positive impact on the structural cost of the lower part of the house as a Nulok roof falls into the Light Timber Frame Code.


nulok stronger

The Nulok roofing system uses zincalume steel battens and channels rather than the old wooden batten system. Nulok battens, channels and clips interlink providing an even more robust installation against severe weather.


nulok safer

The unique tile clips used in the Nulok roofing system mean that the tiles are more secure than when nails are used. There is little chance of tiles loosening and falling to the ground unlike slate tiles that can release from their nail holes after time. Further the Nu-Lok roofing system is an all metal construction, an important consideration if the house is situated in a fire danger zone.

Low Pitch Solution

nulok low pitch

The Nulok roofing system can be installed at a pitch as low as 5 degrees to vertical if required. Unlike others roofs the Nulok system locks tiles or slates in tightly with stainless steel clips. We install a extra heavy duty sarking base to achieve this.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure and check your local building codes before installing a Nulok roof as each area may have different requirements. Nulok Roofing System will not be held responsible if the mandatory requirements are not followed.

No Wastage

nulok no wastage

No nails are used in the installation of tiles on to the battens of the Nulok roofing system which eliminates the main cause of roof tile wastage. There is no need for a cost contingency for tile over run as the amount of tiles calculated for the installation is finite.

Simple to Repair

nulok simple to repair

Should a severe weather or unforeseen incident rupture the roof tiles, your Nulok roof can be repaired easily and quickly. Fast tile replacement without intrusion is a key feature of Nulok where removal and replacement can be completed quickly and easily.