Nulok Slate Comparison

Welsh SlateSpanish SlateChinese Slate – CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE
Nulok Global Pty Ltd - Welsh SlateNulok Global Pty Ltd - Spanish SlateNulok Global Pty Ltd - Chinese Slate
Welsh slate was formed in the Cambrian era around 600 million years agoSpanish slate is quarried from the Galicia and Castille De Leon region and is are around 200 million years oldThe Chinese slate used by Nulok is a finely grained version from the Lushan Mountains
Welsh slate is a heather blue/purple colour, something totally unique to the areaSpanish slate unlike its Welsh counterpart is black in colour ideally suited for a roof contrastChinese slate comes in many colours, Nulok use a grey variety providing a choice to the others available
Bangor Blue slate from Wales is the most expensive slate product in the worldSpanish Slate is less expensive than Welsh slate, reflecting a more cost efficient extraction technique
Chinese slate is the lowest cost of the three slate roofing products in Australia
Welsh slate is better suited to a harsh, cold windy climateSpanish Slate can be installed in any weather conditions from extreme heat to cold er temperatures.Chinese Slate is mined in many parts of China and can be used in most areas.
Welsh slate is extremely pure and free from damaging minerals or pyritesThe Spanish Slate used in our roofing is free from damaging minerals or pyrites.
Chinese slate contains pyrites adding to the characteristics of the slate